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Digital Marketing Agency from Charlotte, NC

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Our services are heavy hitting to overcome all digital marketing projects

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Digital storefront
Website design
Your website is your digital storefront. Make sure it's up-to-date, presentable, and building credibility.
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Target marketing
Paid advertising
Effective marketing and advertising requires money. Paid ads are the way to get in front of your desired audience.
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Grow communities
Digital marketing
Enter the world of social media where you have the chance to seek and build your audience online.
Full Stack Agency

BuildByBits services are full stack, which mean we provide everything your business needs from the top down to reach new heights

Why partner with two, three, or even four plus agencies to accomplish your projects when BuildByBits can do it all? Our talented team contains individuals that can accomplish all digital marketing tasks.

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BuildByBits services our partners using a wide array of tools. We leverage the power of today's most popular services and made sure to partner with the platforms to ensure the best price and experience for our you.

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