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Paid Advertising

Our team of PPC experts are constantly ahead of the curve, scaling alongside the evolution of platforms.

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Intended terms for results
Keyword Research
We figure out which terms perform best for your situation and execute.
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Reel them back in
Retargeting Campaigns
Lose a potential customer on first go? We can bring them back!
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Grow your contacts list
Lead Generations
Nothing better than having a fan base ready to support you when needed.
Let us explain

What is PPC Advertising?

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a method of advertising that can quickly pay off by increasing traffic to your company’s website. PPC is an extremely effective, paid search advertising option. Your PPC agency or marketing team will develop a PPC ad campaign for your services, and anytime someone clicks on one of your ads that leads to your site, you will pay for that traffic. When most people think of pay-per-click ads, they automatically think of Google Adwords. While they are a very popular example of PPC advertising, Google ads are just one of many platforms who provide PPC advertising. Amazon, Bing ads, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are examples of other popular services who offer similar online marketing tools that can be used in campaigns to drive traffic to your business.

If you are looking for a Charlotte PPC company who can help you take your PPC advertising to the next level, BuildByBits can help.

Some of what we have done

Examples of Paid Advertising Projects

Search Ads
A PPC agency will create ad campaigns for our customers based on thorough keyword research that is relevant to your business.
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
There is a science to the copywriting, color, contrast, and the page structure. With years of experience on our side, we can help you convert more clicks into leads.
A/B Testing
Whether we are introducing new keywords, ad copy, or landing pages, we make sure we never stop leveling up your performance.
Google Shopping Ads
With Google Ads, we create campaigns that drive qualified traffic directly to your product pages.
Machine-Learning AI
AI gives our campaign the ability to make thousands of adjustments per day and generate superior performance.
Google Performance Max
Google Performance Max is one of the newer types of PPC campaigns that allows you to advertise to up to 3 billion people on a monthly basis.
Pay Per Platform

Paid Social Ads

We will create and manage one campaign per month that focuses on growing your brand based on your advertising budget. The ad creation includes writing the ad copy, selecting images, video, or graphics to run with the ad, and setting the correct parameters to reach your ideal audience.

Facebook Ads
Twitter Ads
Instagram Ads
Reddit Ads
Snapchat Ads
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Search Engine

Paid Search Ads

Based on your paid advertising budget, we will create and manage one campaign per month that focuses on growing your brand. Our Google Ads services include designing your ad from start to finish. We will write the copy, select any images, and set the parameters to reach your ideal client base.

Google Ads
Bing Ads
Our top strategies

Our PPC & SEM Tactics

The methods we use to bring you the best results

Paid Advertising FAQs

Are you wondering how to get your business in front of more people that would be interested in your product or service? Paid advertising is the way!

Paid advertising (PPC) is the fastest way to get new customers. You pay the platform to show your ad. For Google, this is about showing up for specific keywords that people search in the query box. For Facebook, you pick your audience, and Facebook serves them your ad. When you have a lot of competition on Google (people wanting their ad to show up for the same keyword as you), the more expensive the clicks or impressions become.

Effective marketing and advertising require money. Paid ads are the quickest way to get in front of your desired audience. If you need sales quickly, this is the way. If you’re more interested in taking the organic approach, you’ll need to be patient for sales. If you have a great product or service with a lot of demand, paid ads are a great way to add gasoline to the flame. Paid ads are a way to supercharge your sales pipeline and grow your business.

This depends on your industry and your service or product. Are customers actively searching on Google for whatever it is you offer? Great, then advertise there. Do you want to reach more people and get awareness out about your business? Facebook is great for pulling in a larger audience. We suggest the 1-2 Google Facebook approach. That way you get the people actively searching for your business and those that aren’t aware of your service but need it. Plus, you have the added benefit of multiple touches with a potential customer since people don’t always see an ad one time and then buy. It takes multiple interactions with your brand before someone feels comfortable to reach out.

In other words, how much money should you be spending a month on ads? Good question! Typically we suggest starting with at least $750 a month per platform. For those who are more comfortable with advertising and have a bigger budget, we recommend $2,000 a month per platform. Ads are one of those things that the more you spend, the more you get out of it (typically). This isn’t always the case, but generally, it is.


We need at least three months before we’ve got a solid and consistent sales pipeline full of qualified leads. It takes some revisions and iterations to make the ads better and to connect with the audience. So we usually advise that we need three months before things are rolling. Sometimes, things take off immediately. Other times, it takes three months before we hit our stride.

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