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Digital Marketing

We are a full-stack digital marketing agency that works with companies that are hungry to grow.

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Spread your brand
Content Creation
Share content directly on your site or on socials.
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Marketing and technology
Digital Martech
Marketing technology provides insights into customer behavior and tracking.
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Funneling 101
Conversion Optimization
Optimize landing pages and ads to make sure you’re converting.
Let us explain

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a combination of strategies to improve your company’s online presence. Strategies for businesses can include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), developing a comprehensive online marketing plan, and more.

How does digital stack up?

Digital vs. traditional marketing

Did you know, digital ads can increase brand awareness by 80%.

Comparison table
Digital marketing
Traditional marketing
Audience reach

How far your dollar goes in terms of reach?

Not as far
Cost effective

Is it easy to remain within or use smaller budgets?

Engagement levels

Which is more engaging for fans of your business?

More engaging
Less engaging

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Servicing the service industry

The best for your service

Leveraging both tried-and-true and also cutting edge B2B Demand Generation strategies and tactics, we produce revenue growth for small to mid-sized companies.


* Our team is educated on the compliance rules surrounding securities, real estate, etc.

Knowledge means business

State of the art digital marketing engine

We build out a digital marketing strategy that drives your audience to your high-converting website. What makes us stand out from typical digital marketing agencies and web designers is that we build your entire digital marketing funnel from beginning to end as your 'in-house marketing team.'

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There's levels to this

What's the process?

We dive into your industry, customers, competitors, and company to find valuable information to develop our marketing strategy.

The Beginning Stages


BuildByBits will take the time to understand target audience and current standings digitally. We want to target weak points and reinforce where you are established currently.

The Middle Stages


After understanding your current standings. We will begin enacting our strategy to test what works and what does not. Each business is unique by industry, location, and many other factors. So taking the time to learn your unique niche is important.

The Final Ongoing Stage


Once we have learned about your business' standing and we have tested and implemented a winning strategy. It is time to continue to refine and scale. This is where the fun occurs with passive A/B testing, monitoring traffic, and optimizing conversion rates.

It's all about revenue growth

Digital marketing Charlotte NC services

Our top strategies

Our digital marketing tactics

The methods we use to bring you the best results

Digital Marketing FAQs

There are many questions when trying to get starting/optimizing your digital marketing plan. Here are some of the biggest we think need answering.

Where are people spending their time? Online. Digital marketing is a chance to reach people where they are. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, internet usage has gone up 70%. People are spending more and more time online. And this is where you can reach them.

If you want to conquer a specific location, Google My Business is the first place to start. If possible, Google would rather help users answer their questions without leaving the Google search page instead of sending them to your website link. With this in mind, focus your energy and resources on optimizing your Google My Business page, so your information is available when people in Charlotte search for your industry.

Whether you choose to work with a digital marketing agency to grow your business in Charlotte or decide to keep your marketing in-house, there are a few essential steps to set your company up for success.

  • Develop your website, social media, advertising, and any other digital assets with a mobile-friendly focus. On average, more than half of your customers will access your website, social media, ads, and more from their phones instead of a computer. Keep this in mind when selecting your images, planning your videos, building a website, and creating graphics.
  • Choose the content you can consistently create and share. This content could be blogs, videos, podcasts, and social media posts. The best content to share is the content you will stick with for the long haul. If blogging isn’t your thing, but you love making videos, focus your energy on creating videos.
  • Think about the words a potential customer would search trying to find your business online. Are they looking for a “dry cleaner near me” or “charlotte interior designers?” At Lazarus, we like to focus on keywords like “digital marketing charlotte” and “marketing firms charlotte NC.” Once you know what people are looking for, you include those keywords and key phrases in your website to help Google see that you have the answer to their search; this is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • When you launch your digital marketing campaign, whether you choose to go in-house or hire a marketing agency like Lazarus, it is crucial to understand that results may not be instant. It takes time for Google and other search engines to understand your web content and trust your expertise before showing your content to people in the search results. We encourage you to monitor changes monthly to see how your SEO and content bring users to your website.

How is their communication? Do they have a lot of clients leave? Do they provide monthly reporting? Do they have enough people to do the work? Do they have a large team where I’m just going to be another cog in the machine? Do they get results for their clients? How long before you start getting qualified leads? What’s the most success they’ve ever brought to a client?


We’re a customer service driven digital marketing agency. We’re fast, responsive, and relationship-driven. Our comprehensive capabilities make us the ideal team. We have the designers, marketers, developers, strategists, and writers to create revenue-providing marketing campaigns. We’re big enough to get the work done but small enough to service every client with excellent attention.

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